Moonfish, meet Color

I first took the AMNH animal drawing class in 2013. What began as an attempt to reconnect my hands and eyes (not to mention the lure of seeing the Museum after hours) brought back a familiar addiction for putting pencil to paper. This first season I remained timid and clung to the familiarity of graphite pencils.


The following year, I got a little more adventurous (with instruction from the wonderful Patricia Wynne) by adding white highlights on colored paper. This proved to be TONS of FUN, especially with Mr. Moonfish (in the whale room) and his silver spots.


Pat noticed my apparent glee and suggested I add more hues with pastel pencils. So I bought my first set of Faber Castells and set off for the color realm.


I still enjoy drawing in monotone... but have to admit nothing quite matches the heart-flutters of drawing with a full (or even limited) color spectrum.